“I can actually say every time I’ve walked out of the office I’ve walked out with a smile on my face.” - Andy
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“With any personal injury claim, especially when you’re in pain, it can be a very difficult situation. Crowson Law Group really took the pressure off of me.” - Esther
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“ I got the feeling that I could trust him. You know, that was the big issue — being able to trust. And that’s how I feel about this law firm.” - Johnny
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“So I got on the internet and I looked up accident lawyers and I think I hit the jackpot. They were my lifesavers. The doctors helped me, but this company saved my life.” - Nyna
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“I immediately felt relief, and I definitely felt like he would advocate for me. It was a very seamless process.”
- Kamiesha
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"En caso que estes envuelto en un accidente, yo no lo pensaría, le diría aquí está la tarjeta, te los recomiendo, son honestos y te van a ayudar." - José
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accident and personal injury lawyers
“Once I arrived at the law offices in Wasilla I knew right then that I would choose the Crowson Law Group. The professional way they spoke to me right…”
– Tamika
“After the accident I was off my feet for almost eight months and my lawyer made appointments with me for consultations. I did not realize how far he h…”
– Matt
“My case is on medical malpractice and there are many things that happen behind the scenes that do not need me to be present, but I can still keep up w…”
– Jemma
“Before visiting the Crowson Law Group, I had been to other law firms to seek advice on my case. As soon as the lawyers realized that my case did not r…”
– Alex
“Their assurances were real and I could feel the empathy from how he spoke to me, and almost immediately I stopped worrying about all other issues and…”
– Rossa

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Alaska Accident Attorney

The Crowson Law Group is committed to providing Alaskans with personal injury representation in order to ‘make whole’ those who have had their health, livelihood and emotional wellbeing taken from them as a result of personal injury. Personal injury claims are complicated and focus on a number of issues that go beyond figuring out who was at fault for the injury. What you need is  an accident attorney in Alaska who can not only empathize with you but who is determined to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. We specialize in car accidents, auto accidents, aircraft accidents, and motorcycle accidents property damage claims.

We at the Crowson Law Group are a one of a kind accident law office. Our lawyers in Wasilla, Alaska mix what no other law firms merge in their provision of service: compassion and expertise. We know that enduring an accident is a frightening and terrifying ordeal and more so if such accidents result in injury. Beyond having to deal with the shock of being in an accident, people injured in accidents need to cope with pain and the anxiety of mounting medical bills, car repairs, being absent from work and tons of paperwork. This is where we step in, allow us to work expediently in getting the paperwork sorted for your claims and get the evidence on the accident; while you focus on getting better.

Our attorneys in Wasilla, AK stand toe to toe with insurance companies and know every trick in the book that they may use to getting you to settle too soon or make a bad settlement; this brings about its own set of problems. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to deal effectively with insurance companies as we have foreknowledge of their dealings with negligence claims. We understand that money will not solve all of your problems but it is guaranteed to solve some of them. We do not treat it as your case but as our case, as we stand to lose if you do.

The Crowson Law Group is available to you twenty four (24) hours a day and seven days a week. We invite you to a free attorney consultation with one of our skilled professionals.

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Once I arrived at the law offices in Wasilla I knew right then that I would choose the Crowson Law Group. The professional way they spoke to me right from the receptionist

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