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Alaska Attorneys for Workplace Injury Compensation Claim

Worker's compensation laws in AK exist to help workers get back on their feet following a workplace injury. These laws are outlined in the Alaska Statute 23.30 under the Alaska’s Worker’s Compensation Act. Worker’s compensation covers most injuries and occupational diseases which happen during the course and scope of one’s employment. Mental injuries are covered too, with the exception of mental injuries that result from a disciplinary action, work evaluation, job transfer, layoff, demotion, termination or such similar action taken in good faith by the employer. Some worker’s compensation claim issues may overlap into wrongful death claims, toxic exposure claims and railroad accidents.

When an employee has been injured on the job or develops occupational illnesses, the related medical expenses and lost wages should be covered through the company’s worker’s compensation insurance. However, it is possible that after filing a claim, it may be denied or you may receive low compensation; in the event your claim is denied you must request a hearing before the Worker’s Compensation Board by filling an Affidavit of Readiness Hearing.

Enlisting the services of a law firm to present evidence that stands to support your position is often beneficial. Such evidence may include testimony from your medical treatment provider, from coworkers or from documentation proving your compensation rate. Further, if your claim is denied, or if your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance agent is asking for an official statement, or if your employer’s doctor is asking you to go back to work with no restrictions when you feel that you have not fully recovered, you may want to speak with an attorney for advice.

The workers compensation lawyers at the Crowson Law Group can review your injury claim and when appropriate can put pressure on the insurance company and help you get the compensation you deserve. With our attorneys on your side, we can help you get through your insurance claim successfully. Contact our Anchorage or Wasilla law offices today for a free and confidential consultation and case evaluation with our AK workers’ compensation lawyers.

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