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Alaska Attorneys for Life Insurance Denial

Generally life insurance is taken as a means to support one’s family after their death and, as such, is a loving legacy that any family member can leave their dependents after their death. However, it is a common occurrence that insurance companies drag their feet when it comes to paying out life insurance claims- and they can go so far as to deny a valid claim.

Some common reasons why insurance companies may deny paying out of life insurance claims are:

  • Policy misrepresentation – false information or incomplete information on the application form and contract can result in a life insurance claim being denied- even if the information has nothing to do with the cause of death
  • Beneficiary information – if there are issues relating to the beneficiaries the claim may be denied. For example, failure to name a beneficiary before one’s death or naming a minor as the primary beneficiary may result in a delay or a denial of benefits.

From an insurance company’s standpoint, selling a life insurance policy is a good way to make money while the policy holder is alive and paying premiums. However, the death of the policy holder means that it is time for the insurance company to pay the policy proceeds out to the beneficiaries of the life insurance policy. Insurance companies sometimes use a number of tactics to delay their payments or deny a claim entirely. While you are grieving and dealing with the financial aspects of losing a loved one, the last thing that you need to worry about is playing hide and seek with an insurance adjuster bent on saving money for the insurance company. Allow the Crowson Law Group to deal with the insurance company on your behalf. We have experienced Life Insurance defense who have seen every trick that insurance companies can use to try to delay and deny the payment of life insurance claims.

If you have been denied life insurance benefits to which you and/or your family are entitled, contact the Crowson Law Group, and we will provide you with options and actions that you can take to properly receive your loved one’s life insurance benefits.

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