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Alaska Attorneys for Toxic Exposure

Have you or a loved one been exposed to harmful toxins, chemicals or products which resulted in illness? In some cases hazardous substances leak into the ground and find their way into the ground water and ultimately into our taps. Or such harmful substances may find their way into the air and can affect us and even unborn babies. However, there is a chance you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against those responsible by way of a toxic tort.

A toxic tort is defined as a legal claim made for harm that was caused as a result of exposure to a dangerous substance. This can take up the form of pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides or chemicals. The Crowson Law Group are qualified to represent lawsuits brought on behalf of individuals or groups of individuals (class action lawsuit) who have been exposed to and harmed by such dangerous substances or toxins.

In such toxic tort claims the plaintiff (person(s) bringing the lawsuit against another) alleges that as a result of being exposed to some dangerous substance he, she or they suffered injury, harm or illness from the substance. Toxic claims are as follows:

  • Occupational exposure – this is where industrial workers are exposed to toxins at high levels over a short period of time or where they are exposed to low levels of toxins over a long period of time. An example is exposure to asbestos while on the job. Such exposure over a long period of time can result in the manifesting of illnesses and cancers such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs – this is where pharmaceutical drugs cause unintended side effects, for example antidepressant drugs like Zoloft and Prozac.
  • Exposure in the home – this is where people breath or swallow substances present in their homes for example, toxic mold.
  • Consumer products – this is where people use products that cause unintended illness for example, illnesses relating to the use of pesticides.

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