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Alaska Attorneys for Snowmachine and ATV Accidents

In remote parts of Alaska, snow machines and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) are often the preferred means of transport, while in other parts of Alaska such vehicles are often used as a form of recreational sport. As such, accidents related to snow machines and ATVs are common and can result in serious injuries and, in worst case scenarios, fatalities. The age group that most often suffers from snow machine and ATV accidents include children and young adults, as compared to older adults. Common injuries associated with snow machines and ATV accidents are head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal trauma, bone fractures, concussions and back injuries.

It should be noted that because of their size, snow machines and ATVs are prone to rolling and flipping over and can crush the operator if they fall on top of them. A standard snow machine and ATV can weigh between five hundred and fifty pounds and six hundred and fifty pounds.

Safety advice that can be applied when operating snow machines and ATVs includes:

  • Wearing helmets and protective clothing like gloves, goggles and a thick jacket
  • Being aware of natural and manmade hazards such as berms, railroad tracks, and fences Driving at a reasonable speed
  • Exercising excessive caution when driving during periods of low visibility weather or times of day such as nightfall
  • Avoiding riding on roadways
  • Always riding sober and being alert to other riders

To receive compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a snow machine or an ATV accident, contact a law firm of professionals with experience handling snow machine and ATV accidents and who have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle these types of cases.

Snow machine and ATV lawyers will investigate the circumstances of the accident and will determine whether the injured person is entitled to compensation for their loss, injury, damage or wrongful death in the case of the death of a loved one. Contact the law office of the Crowson Law Group in Wasilla or Anchorage for a free case evaluation.

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