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Alaska Attorneys for Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

A time comes when the elderly ones in our family need more attention than we are able to provide them with; and as a result we turn to professionals and facilities that we believe can give the best medical, mental and physical care possible– nursing homes. Our decision seems easier when we look at the brochure for these nursing homes, with pictures of the smiling, happy faces of elderly folk. We hope our loved ones will have similar experiences while there. The elderly make up most of the vulnerable adults in our societies; as they age, ill health, failing senses, loss of memory and various frailties come along. They become vulnerable to abuse in one form or the other.

Nursing homes are designed to be controlled, caring environments that allow the elderly to live out their days with around-the-clock attention and care from medical professionals and care givers; they should be the best places to ensure our loved ones are cared for when they are unable to care for themselves. However, it is a sad truth that these very sanctuaries for our elderly and vulnerable adults often subject our loved ones to physical, mental, verbal abuse and fraud.

Nursing home negligence and abuse is not limited to only the elderly but extends to vulnerable adults with physical infirmity, mental deficiency or illness, addiction, or other incapacity. These vulnerable adults can face harm in the form of abuse, abandonment, neglect or exploitation.

Any abuse of vulnerable adults is unlawful, and, as such, any administrator or employee of a nursing home can be held liable if a resident is being abused. As soon as you have discovered the abuse of a loved one ensure you report the matter within twenty four hours of discovery and contact the Crowson Law Group. The Crowson Law Group are nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers in Alaska who can provide advice on how to proceed after the discovery of nursing home neglect and/or abuse.

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