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Alaska Car Accident Quick Help​

Dealing with the after-effects of an accident can be unnerving and challenging. As such, it’s necessary to get helpful information available as quickly as possible. Not everyone has access to legal information about how to proceed after a car accident. Further, with so many self-help books on what the ‘easy’ way to go about dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, what most people require immediately following an accident is a comprehensive, short, simple go-to guide on how to deal with life after a car accident and how the process works with respect to the legal ins and outs.  Crowson Law Group has created a succinct and to the point summary of what an individual needs to know with respect to dealing with the legal aftermath of an accident. The brochure outlines an individual’s legal rights in the unfortunate event of an accident. It focuses on three main areas:

  • Property damage
  • Medical treatment
  • Dealing with your insurance claim

The brochure not only helps you understand your legal rights but also provides brief legal advice and guidelines for you to follow.

While the brochure is of great help, it’s still necessary to get legal advice on your specific situation and circumstances related to your accident injuries and losses.  Crowson Law Group provides a complimentary strategy session to potential clients. During this consultation, the attorney will conduct a case evaluation specific to your accident facts and will provide legal advice on how to proceed. It is important to note that at our firm, we do not get paid until we reach a settlement that you are happy and satisfied with or until a jury puts a proper value on your claim. We don’t promise you more than your case is worth, but we won’t settle for less. In order to access to this brochure, click the icon link below to view or download it.

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