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About Crowson Law Group

Crowson Law Group was founded by James Crowson. Motivated by his passion to help accident victims secure the compensation and benefits they deserved and depended on to support themselves and their families, came the founding of Crowson Law Group.

Crowson Law Group is driven by a passion and compassion to serve those who would otherwise not have a voice in the courtroom. Thus, the Crowson Law Group is in the service of their clients. The firm focuses on plaintiff personal injury representation; the firm’s focus on personal injury law stems from James Crowson’s experience during his early legal career.

James’ early career involved defending insurance companies and health care providers against negligence claims. But this was often at odds with his personal values. So, driven by his passion to represent individuals who needed compensation and benefits to sustain their families and themselves in the wake of loss, James ditched his flourishing and successful career with the big guns and started taking a stand for the “little guy”!

Today, Crowson Law Group, as a firm, proudly stands up for the “little guy”; from the free case evaluation to handing clients a check for full and fair compensation. The law firm’s values, ethics and culture is premised on the factors that made James leave his flourishing career – a passion for the injured who need compensation.

As a result, James Crowson has built a successful law firm dedicated to helping thousands of Alaskan citizens resolve their personal injury legal issues. James Crowson is supported by a team of skilled and dedicated attorneys and legal staff. Together, they are available to take the weight of the accident off your shoulders and to help you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered.

To us you are more than just another file or file number; to us, you are our number one priority and our existence depends on you. Contact Crowson Law Group today.

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