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"Right Turns Only" Book

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience, even more so if the accident results in your sustaining injuries. Those who have been involved in an accident know there is no way of equipping yourself for such an ordeal. After an accident occurs, accident victims suffer from injuries which cause pain and may result in a loss of bodily function temporarily or permanently.

As if this is not enough, accident victims have to contend with mounting medical bills and treatment expenses, loss of income from failure of being at work, pain and suffering. Some accident victims require extended hospital stays, surgery or at home nursing assistance. All this puts pressure on an injured person and can be a trying time.

During and after the recovery period a person may have many questions with respect to getting compensation for the accident. Such questions may include: Should I file an insurance claim? Or should I file a lawsuit? What is the difference between the two? How do I know whether someone else was responsible for the accident and ultimately my injuries? Is my case valid? What should I expect in terms of compensation? What about the damage to my car? What is a settlement and how does settling work? How does the Alaska car accident law work? Do I need a lawyer? Where do I start?

All these questions and more are of serious concern and can be anxiety producing. The book, ‘Right Turns Only’ by prominent Alaska personal injury lawyer James Crowson, is available to help answer such related questions. It is a simple guide to learn about car accident claims, how to talk to the police, the other driver and the insurance companies.

Written in plain, straightforward language, “Right Turns Only” looks at property damage, bodily injuries, insurance compensation, settlements as well as Alaska’s car accident laws. To order your free copy of Right Turns Only call Crowson Law Group today.

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