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Client Testimonials

Crowson Law Group appreciates the past clients who take their time to give us positive feedback about working with our attorneys. We invite you to view their stories, along with excerpts of their comments. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

“Once I arrived at the law offices in Wasilla I knew right then that I would choose the Crowson Law Group. The professional way they spoke to me right from the receptionist to Mr. Crowson himself made me feel important; and it wasn’t feigned, they addressed me by name, now that’s priceless”.

– Tamika

“After the accident I was off my feet for almost eight months and my lawyer made appointments with me for consultations. I did not realize how far he had to travel to get to me ‘til I went to their offices. My case was settled and I will be forever grateful.”

– Matt

“My case is on medical malpractice and there are many things that happen behind the scenes that do not need me to be present, but I can still keep up with the progress of my case with the ‘My Crowson Case’ option available on the Crowson Law Group website; I can easily access material and notes for my case and this keeps me abreast with the progress of my case each step of the way.”

– Jemma

“Before visiting the Crowson Law Group, I had been to other law firms to seek advice on my case. As soon as the lawyers realized that my case did not require legal representation, they would not provide me with any advice as to how to go about my case on my own. Only after going for the free case evaluation with the Crowson Law Group was I given advice as how to go about handling the case without legal representation. Even though I handled my own case, I still recommend the Crowson Law Group to anyone who needs personal injury lawyers; they are my lawyers of choice!”

– Alex

“Their assurances were real and I could feel the empathy from how he spoke to me, and almost immediately I stopped worrying about all other issues and focused on healing, the Crowson Law attorneys did the rest.”

– Rossa
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