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Alaska Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Eighty percent of all motorcycle accidents result in some form of injury- and nearly half of all motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles happen at intersections. Motorcycle accidents have a higher injury rate as compared to motor vehicle accidents, as a result of the lack of a protective outer shell and a lack of passive protective systems such as seatbelts and airbags.

Common situations that result in motorcycle accidents are:

  • A vehicle pulls out in front of a motorcycle
  • Rear ending – where a motorcycle has come to a sudden stop and is hit by a vehicle from behind the motorcycle
  • A vehicle turns in front of an oncoming motorcycle
  • Where a motor vehicle cuts a corner while negotiating a bend and hits a motorcycle or pushes it off the road

Two common injuries associated with motorcycle injuries are:

  • Head injuries – this is often due to Alaska’s helmet law that does not require persons over the age of eighteen to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Such injuries include mild to severe concussions, headaches, memory loss, and nausea.
  • Road rash – this is term used to describe friction abrasions to the skin caused by sliding across the road or pavement during or after a motorcycle accident without proper protection. Road rash injuries can lead to permanent skin damage and irritation and/or infections.

In order to receive compensation for your injuries and or property damage you should contact a motorcycle injury attorney to examine and evaluate your case to determine fault as well as the necessary evidence required to help your claim. The Crowson Law Group is a law firm of Alaska motorcycle accident lawyers who handle motorcycle injuries and work at upholding the rights of motorcycle operators. Our lawyers will handle your motorcycle accident. Contact our law offices in Wasilla or Anchorage for a free case evaluation with our motorcycle injury attorneys, today.

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