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Why Choose Crowson Law Group?

The Crowson Law Group is the brainchild of its founder James Crowson. Built from the ground up the law firm has kept one theme: help those without voices in the courtroom. While the business of legal representation is a business in itself, the Crowson Law Group strongly believes that they exist to provide a service to the people of Alaska. The element that drove James to open a law firm is the ethical cornerstone that resonates from the founder of the firm and permeates every aspect of the office. This unwritten code is that; we are in your service and not the other way around.

Our professional staff are here to serve you right from your first free case evaluation, right up to your receipt of full and fair compensation. James Crowson left off his career of defending insurance companies against negligence claims to work with, represent and forward the claims of persons who when standing as individuals in a courtroom have no voice. Many prefer to call us ‘Plaintiff Lawyers’ while others call us the ‘James Crowson Law Group’; whichever name you choose to identify us by that portrays our passion to serve and help individuals to secure the compensation and benefits they need to support themselves and their families as a result of suffering injury or loss, we are proud to be recognized as such.

To us you are more than a file and file number, we value you as an individual and you are our number one (#1) client. So much so that if you cannot get to us, we will come to you.

Some of our unique qualities are:

  • Experience – our attorneys have represented thousands of Alaskans to date and have done so successfully. Together our attorneys have over eighty (80) years of experience.
  • Ace up our sleeve – thanks to James Crowson’s history of working with insurance companies defending them from negligence claims, we know exactly how they operate and every trick they can try to throw at us.
  • We are always available – our telephone lines are available twenty four seven (24/7), call us any time and we will answer your call.
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