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Alaska Attorneys for Firearm Accidents

Guns are a way of life in Alaska, it can rightly be said that Alaska has a gun culture. There are a number of uses for guns among Alaskans: sports, recreation, hunting and protection (self-defense). However, with the many uses that people have for guns comes with them unintended outcomes and consequences which may result in the death or injury of someone. There are a variety of causes of such deaths and injuries and there are parties that may be at fault for gun related injury and deaths.

Some common injuries caused by a firearm accident allow the victim to recover however, if the injured person was not at fault for the accident and ultimately the injury then he or she is liable to receive compensation for their injuries and associated expenses and bills relating to the injury (medical bills and lost wages). Common causes of firearm accidents range from:

  • Improper use of a firearm,
  • Irresponsible use of a firearm – this extends to the owner’s negligence as to who is using his or her firearm
  • Poor maintenance of one’s firearm
  • Defective firearms

The defect associated with firearms are a result of improper manufacture of the firearm in a part of the firearm or the whole gun mechanism and design. Such gun related defects include:

  • Oversensitive trigger
  • Trigger safety failure
  • Faulty bolt action
  • Failure to eject shells, etc.

As a result negligence may be the cause of such defective designs in firearms. In such cases the liability extends to the manufacturer of the firearm, the distributor as well as the retailer of the firearm.

As such there is need for you to receive legal advice in respect of the legal options you have at your disposal. The Crowson Law Group is here to assist you to receive compensation that you deserve for the injuries and losses you have suffered as a result of a firearm accident. Contact our law offices in Wasilla and/or Anchorage, Alaska, for a free case evaluation and consultation.

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