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The Risk of Going It Alone

The Risk of Going It Alon…

A previous article discussed how an individual would present the relevant evidence if they were representing themselves. However, this article will discuss reasons why it is best to let an experienced personal injury attorney handle your personal injury case.

First, before going into specific reasons it is important to note that every personal injury case has its own complications and difficulties for a lay person to comprehend and handle. There are a number of reasons that make personal injury cases complex and difficult, however, the main area of difficulty is with regards to liability.

According to Investopedia [Liability Definition (investopedia.com)] liability is defined as “something a person or company owes, usually a sum of money”. However, the legal definition for liability from the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute [Liability | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (cornell.edu)] is, “a legally enforceable claim on the assets of a business or property of an individual”.  The difficulty of the issue of liability comes when proving that an individual is the responsible party and should pay the damages they owe to the victim. This is an important aspect of every personal injury case and not the easiest to resolve. There are instances whereby there is very little harm suffered in an incident and the cause of the incident is clear. In such cases, legal representation may not be necessary. However, the majority of personal injury cases have a number of issues at their center and a number of factors that require an experienced expert to take the time to examine and analyze. The decision to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer  may be a difficult one for the individual, however, the claim itself determines whether or not it is necessary to do so.

In instances where a personal injury case is brought forth due to injuries that require extensive medical treatment and a lot of physical therapy and the liability is not clear, it is best to seek legal advice and representation. Further, in instances whereby the injuries that have been diagnosed get worse and necessitate more medical treatment; such injuries require that the damages to be compensated include future medical expenses and treatment. Or they may necessitate that the injury victim reach the maximum medical improvement before filing their personal injury claim.

A number of risks come from avoiding consultation or representation by a lawyer. Some of these risks include:

  • The injury victim misinterpreting or misunderstanding the laws involved in the case. This can happen even though there are many guidelines, regulations and stipulations that can be found. These guidelines, regulations and stipulations may require further analysis in order to understand their applicability to your case.
  • Presenting oneself to the insurance company adjuster – it is of the utmost important to know how to present the injury victim appropriately and properly to the insurance adjuster. This is determined by what is said and not said to the adjuster; as all the information provided to the adjuster directly links to the outcome of your personal injury claim. One can receive far less compensation then what is fair due to their own statements said to the adjuster, judge or jury.
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