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Can I Sue An Airplane For Injuries?

Can I Sue An Airplane For…

Air transport is one of the safest modes of transportation. However, accidents do happen either due to human error, bad weather, or plane mechanical problems. But what happens when you want to sue a plane for injuries suffered? You can only look for a lawyer who has experience in plane accident Wasilla. Below are some tips to help you pursue your legal action.

Common Airplane Accident Injuries

Traveling via air is the fastest way you can use to get where you are going. But when injuries happen due to other’s negligence, you have no choice other than to sue for damages suffered. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries, it’s better to act swiftly to make sure you’re within the statute of limitations. You can also check federal aviation regulations (FAA) to determine whether you can take a course of action. Some of the injuries you may file a claim for include:

  • Burns-Burns can occur when a plane crashes or veers off a runway. If a fire erupts, passengers and people on the ground are more likely to suffer from burns.
  • Broken bones-Most of the place accidents victims suffer from crushed bones. This is when a plane loses altitude and heads downwards. The impact is so high such as to cause broken bones and fractures to the victims
  • Spinal cord injuries-Most of the plane victims suffer from spinal cord injuries as the plane hits the ground or collides with another aircraft. This may even leave them with a permanent disability.
  • Traumatic Brain injuries-A large number of plane accident victims suffer from brain injuries. This may bring undesirable changes to one’s life, such as memory loss. The victim may not even be able to work again. Besides, the medical costs associated with these kinds of injuries are much higher due to the extensive healthcare treatment.
  • Emotional Trauma-Plane accidents can bring post-traumatic stress and anxiety to the victims, not forgetting the loved ones suffering from the loss of consortium. Emotional trauma requires psychological treatment, which can take some time for the victim to heal.

Contact a Plane Accident lawyer

There are so many types of plane injuries that can happen on a plane during flight. If you’re injured during a flight, you may decide to file the claim alone. This is referred to as self-representation. While this may save you money, your case may end up being tripped up by the judge. This is especially when the claim involved major airlines. These airlines have experienced lawyers who will only work towards minimizing your claims. It’s better to look for a lawyer out there who will fight back on your behalf. In most cases, the plane is held liable after proving they owed you a duty of care in a court of law. An experienced plane lawyer can help you maneuver through the legal proceedings as you spend more time recovering. He/she knows laws related to aircraft and can help you get the best possible results for your claim.

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