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The Plane (Accident)!

Plane Accident

Tattoo from “Fantasy Island” used to shout “The Plane! The Plane!” at the beginning of the 1970s television show. Unfortunately, most modern incidents involving airplanes and yelling happen because of a crash. Throughout the world, the rest of the United States and nearby, a Plane Accident Wasilla often ends up in many deaths. In order to bring a proper claim for recovery, it is important to retain a competent attorney with experience prosecuting these types of claims.

As the injuries from a Plane Accident Wasilla are often fatal, the most common lawsuit is filed for “wrongful death,” where a representative of the estate—often a family member or other dependent person—files a claim on behalf of the estate of the person who passed away, known as the “decedent.” Here, the beneficiaries of the estate will divide any monies between them at the conclusion of the lawsuit. Due to the severity of injuries, awards for wrongful death cases (which may include loss of earnings, loss of services, pain and suffering, and more) are often sizable.

A Plane Accident Wasilla also presents another challenge. Alaska requires practically any lawsuit for personal injuries to be filed within two years from the date the incident happens. This includes airplane crashes. However, the causes of aircraft tragedies often take years to determine, if they are ever concluded at all. So what is the best course of action for an attorney to take?

Well, as long as there is a good faith (or reasonable) basis for suing a defendant, any possible party should be named in a lawsuit. Most commonly, claims are brought against the pilot and his employer, the airline. But if the incident was caused by an unchecked defective part or insufficient fuel or the like, the maintenance company is a viable defendant. If there was a part that was manufactured defectively, the company that built the part and put it into the stream of commerce can be liable. If the air traffic controller in the watchtower made a mistake causing a crash between two aircraft, the controller and her employer, the Federal Aviation Administration, can be sued.

So as you can see, there are many possible parties able to be sued for the sever damages caused by an airplane crash. Another advantage to having as many defendants as possible is that there are more sources of settlement money. No company is going to want to damage its reputation in the industry by having its safety questioned over and over again during a long, protracted trial. As a result, there is likely to be a settlement of the case which, with multiple defendants, stands to be a good result for the plaintiff.

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