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Free Law Consultation–An Overview

You can’t explore your options about your legal issue if you don’t get to understand it from a legal point of view to make informed decisions. Most people are uncertain about what to do when facing legal issues, forgetting to seek legal counsel. A Wasilla lawyer free consultation can help you during such times.

Free legal consultation is invaluable when you’re not sure of how to resolve a legal issue–it not only provides a chance to access legal representation but also informs you whether you have a case to answer or pursue. A Wasilla lawyer free consultation facilitates an initial meet-up with a legal expert to discuss your legal issue and the legal options available for your situation.

Why a Free Legal Consultation?

Most lawyers offer prospective and existing clients free legal consultations thanks to market competition. A free lawyer’s consultation allows clients to explore their options without paying besides assessing their prospective lawyers. The attorney also gets the chance to evaluate your legal situation and decide whether they can competently legally represent you. So, what’s discussed at the initial meet-ups?

The reasons for seeking legal counsel can vary with each person–meaning the themes can thus vary with each case. However, the following subjects form the subject matter in the majority of the free legal consultations:

  1. The Client’s Legal Matter

The legal situation you’re battling will undoubtedly be the main reference in the consultation– specifically the legal claim if it exists. The client must share every detail about their case and avoid dishonesty, concealing facts, and exaggerating. A lawyer needs to know the true position to be effective when evaluating the issue and the legal options available to competently represent you.

Legal consultations must be privileged and confidential even if the consulting lawyer hasn’t been officially hired. Anything discussed in that meeting shouldn’t be shared with anyone else. You might be tempted to share with a close confidante but it would be wise to keep it to yourself.

  1. Legal Fees

The initial discussions with an attorney should include legal fees for legal representation. Depending on the lawyer and the case, Lawyers have different ways of charging for their services, such as an hourly fee, a flat fee, or charging a contingency fee. You should bring up the topic if they fail to discuss it–you’ll be able to compare their charges with other lawyers. A free consultation is not equal to being hired, preliminary advice might be free and for everyone but concrete advice is typically paid for.

Preparing for Legal Consultation

Your case must be based on evidence and facts and that’s why you should gather all data relevant to your situation to help the lawyer evaluate your legal situation and build a strong case if they are hired. The relevant documents can include:

  • Employment records
  • Property deeds; 
  • Accident or police reports;
  • Contract documents with evidence of a breach.

A lawyer’s free consultation enables the two parties–the lawyer and client, to assess whether they make a perfect fit for each other besides facilitating the evaluation of the legal situation by the lawyer.

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