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People act carelessly and, as a result, people are injured. When others drive carelessly, there are collisions. When people fail to treat snowy or frozen or damaged or debris-filled walkways, others slip and fall or trip and fall. When airlines fail to properly maintain aircraft, passengers are hurt or killed. For any such incident, monies are recoverable for these injuries which is why it is important to find personal injury attorney in Alaska to help you recover monies you may be entitled to.

Most commonly, there are lawsuits arising out of car accident. However, you can also find personal injury attorney for slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, motorcycle accidents, train accidents, aircraft accidents, police brutality, defamation, cases which all fall under the ambit of “personal injury.”

In almost all personal injury claims, Alaska has a “statute of limitations” that mandates the lawsuit arising out of such a claim to be filed within two years of the date the incident occurred. If you fail to comply with this requirement, you may never be able to recover the monies you may otherwise have been entitled to.

Personal injury cases have multiple steps before recovery typically happens.

First, the plaintiff (best done through an attorney, on the plaintiff’s behalf) files the complaint. This document lists allegations by which the plaintiff believes the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries and other damages.

Next, the complaint is delivered to the defendant, after which it has a certain amount of time to respond with a document called an answer. The answer typically contains denials and perhaps counterclaims by which the defendant alleges that it is owed monies instead of the plaintiff.

Following the exchange of these pleadings (another name for complaint and answer), a long period ensues during which documents and information are disclosed by the parties. This period is known as discovery.

After discovery may be the filing of motions where either or both parties request the court to dismiss or at least narrow the issues to be dealt with at trial.

After all of that comes the trial.

At any point during the above, the parties may settle the case rather than risk a trial, where neither party is guaranteed of success.

In light of the myriad items that must be completed, all of which have specific rules regarding timeliness and format, it is imperative that a person with a claim for injuries due to the negligence of another find personal injury attorney to ensure that these procedures are properly adhered to. Without doing so, the chances of receiving full value for a claim are significantly reduced.

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