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Settlement taking too long Why

Settlement taking too lon…

In an aircraft accident, if individuals are injured it is likely that they may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. It is not uncommon for the aircraft carrier to settle the personal injury claims, so as to make the injured passengers whole. However, the process of settling claims may take longer than expected. This article will discuss what may cause the settling of personal injury claims to take longer than expected.

One dictionary defines the legal term settle as to “resolve or reach an agreement about” or “end a legal dispute by mutual agreement”. A settlement agreement is one of the ways that a plaintiff in a personal injury case receives compensation for damages from the defendant. One key aspect about a settlement agreement is that both parties mutually agree to a specific amount. Often this is after much negotiation. Because negotiations are required when settling a personal injury claim it is important to have expert legal representation. As with most aircraft carriers, they will have an expert legal team representing them, therefore, if you are in Wasilla, Alaska you will need representation from an expert lawyer for plane accident Wasilla

It is possible to settle a personal injury claim really quickly, however, it often means having to take less money. Thus, you forfeit more money for a faster turnaround time on receipt of settlement. This begs the question why settlements may take long. It must be noted that there are generally three reasons why a settlement may increase the timeframe of your personal injury claim:

  1. Factual or legal issues that are a problem
  2. A lot of money is involved in your case
  3. The maximum medical improvement point has not been reached

Factual or legal issues

When determining the value of any personal injury case the two main factors that come into play a liability and damages. Where liability is difficult to prove it is likely that the insurance adjuster will not make a reasonable settlement offer until a personal injury lawsuit is filed and experts are hired. Legal issues may include, for example, that the insurer feels or believes that the plaintiff has no legal right to sue the defendant. If this is the case then the insurer will not make any significant offer for settlement, until a judge or jury has made a ruling on your case.

Problems may also arise with regard to the damages. For example, it may by the opinion of a medical expert that your injuries were not caused by the defendant’s negligence. When this is the case, no settlement offer may be put on the table until the plaintiff has a doctor or medical expert who will testify proving causation.

A lot of money

When large sums of money are involved in damages it is necessary for in-depth investigations to be carried out by the insurance company; and this takes time.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Settlement may take a long time if you are still receiving medical treatment. It is important to never settle before you actually reach maximum medical improvement [Maximum Medical Improvement [MMI] Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.]. MMI basically means your health is as good as you are going to get. 



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