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How To Settle Your Car Accident Claim Without An Insurance Company.

How To Settle Your Car Ac…

If you have been injured in a car accident because of someone’s negligence, you have a right to be made “whole again”. After the car accident and you have confirmed that there are no injuries to warrant medical attention and have collected information from the other driver, you may decide to call your auto insurance company. This is always a great move. Insurance companies are always ready to help you go through the process as quickly as possible. But if there were no damages caused or injuries suffered, there are times when contacting an insurance company may not be the best option. This is because it could lead to a more expensive process compared to when you could have avoided them. It’s good to note that not all times you may opt to do away with an insurance company.

Cases Where You May Fail To Contact The Insurance Company

Always remember that you must notify your insurance company immediately after your car accident. Below are the cases when you may not contact your insurer.

  • The accident was minor:There is no need of filing a claim if no one was injured and both cars have minor damages. You could be reversing from a parking lot, and you barely hit the other vehicle. This is only if the other person has no dispute against that. If he/she accepts you pay for the minor damages, well and good. If the repair costs tend to be more than what you can afford, you may decide to look for a personal injury lawyer car accident to give you advice on what you are supposed to do. The simple rule is, if the cost of the estimate is higher than your deductible, consider seeking legal help.
  • You are at fault:You may have filed some claims recently, this would be a good reason no to call the insurance company. This could lead to higher rates, even if the accident is minor. The amount used to repairs the minor damages could be cheaper compared to your case being handled by an insurer.
  • You know the other driver: It becomes easier to handle the car damages when you know the other driver. If it’s your relative or co-worker, you may make a private settlement.

When to File A claim.

Dealing with an insurance company is stressful and confusing at times. The worst of all is that any claim could lead to an increase in your premium. On the other hand, failing to inform your insurer could lead to serious financial problems or even penalties. If you are sure about the outcome of not contacting the insurance company, you can go ahead to do so. In case of a fender-bender, always ensure to have an agreement with the other driver. If this doesn’t happen, your insurance company will most likely be alert. If this is the case, you should avoid any pitfall by contacting a car accident lawyer to give you advice on the next steps to take.

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