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It’s Not All About the Broken Bones

Broken Bones

We see it all the time—multi-million-dollar lawsuits are filed for everything. But the amount sued for, especially in a personal injury case, is not the amount that could be awarded, or even the amount expected. However, that ultimate amount of recovery is made up of many different factors. For example, there can be recovery for actual injuries, medical bills, pharmacy bills, and the like. And there can be recovery for pain and suffering, loss of services and loss of consortium. But what about Personal Property Damage In Auto Accident?

Sadly, there are plenty of attorneys that fail to make a claim for Personal Property Damage In Auto Accident, even though it could be the subject of thousands of dollars. What was your car worth at the time of the accident? Had you recently had repairs performed to your car? Did you have to pay for a rental car? All of these things factor into the recovery you may receive if there is damage to your car.

But did you know the personal property damage you can recover does not end with damage to your car?

No, Personal Property Damage In Auto Accident also includes the ability to recover for any personal items that were broken or lost as a result of the accident. Was you child’s musical instrument in the car and broken during the collision? Did you have a piece of artwork you were transporting from the gallery to your home that was destroyed during the crash? Was a piece of jewelry broken as a result of the incident? All of these items have value and should be made part of the lawsuit.

Of course, you have an alternative—to file a claim with your own insurance company in order to be made whole for the loss of property. However, it is advisable to have an attorney for this, too, because even though it might be your own insurance company, it is still a business looking to pay as little money as possible.

Indeed, the insurance representative is likely to make you an initial offer that is far less than the value of your losses. And in order to receive any money, you will be required to sign a “release,” which serves to do exactly what it sounds like—once you sign it, you will be releasing the insurance company from any further responsibility for paying you for these claims. So once it is signed, you are forever barred from recovering any further monies from them.

For these reasons, it is important to have competent attorneys to represent you in your claim for property damage.

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