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Why Local Attorneys Are The Best

Why Local Attorneys Are T…

With more than 2,300 attorneys practicing law in Alaska, there are a lot of attorneys to choose from. And many of them are of good quality and capable of handling your matter. However, if you are going to be prosecuting a case that happened in or near Wasilla, and will be prosecuted in the courts of Wasilla, The Best Personal Injury Lawyers to retain are ones from Wasilla.

What makes local attorneys The Best Personal Injury Lawyers?

The law throughout Alaska regarding personal injury cases is the same. All cities and counties have a 2-year statute of limitations, so that you must file your lawsuit within two years from the date it happened or it will likely be thrown out, barring you from ever recovering any money. All cities and counties in Alaska use a “comparative negligence” analysis, where any award may be reduced by a percentage of fault attributed to the plaintiff. All cities and counties preclude a plaintiff from recovering punitive damages. All cities and counties have damage caps on medical malpractice claims.

However, procedures may be different from city to city and county to county. The process of filing papers may be different. The method of obtaining subpoenas may be different. Judge Jones may have different procedures for oral argument than Judge Smith. For these reasons, it is important to retain an attorney from Wasilla for your local Wasilla case.

In addition to the above, a local attorney is already going to have relationships with judges and court staff. Even though, in theory, judges and court staff should be neutral, it is human nature to have a better disposition toward someone you know and have experience working with. The corollary to this is that local attorneys will know how a local judge will react to certain things and how to keep judges happy, something that can only help your case.

Further, local attorneys will know and use local business proprietors, which is something that also should serve your case well. For example, local court reporting companies are more likely to return a transcript more promptly and for less money when dealing with an attorney they know will give them additional business in the future. The same is true for local medical professionals who can serve as expert witnesses.

From a practice standpoint, local attorneys will not require hotel rooms, large travel expenses and restaurant meals, costs that ultimately will be borne by the client.

For these reasons, The Best Personal Injury Lawyers are local personal injury lawyers. So when you start your hunt for an attorney for your personal injury case, shop local.

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