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Two Wheels Can Hurt More Than Four

Two Wheels

Automobile accidents happen way too often, in Alaska and throughout the world. And people get hurt and even killed. There are obviously fewer motorcyclists than car drivers on the roads, but due to the lack of protection, those on the “hog” are more likely to suffer far worse injuries.

If you ride a motorcycle and are injured due to the negligence of another, be sure to retain an Alaska Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Sure, your accident may be caused by another driver failing to obey a traffic signal, focusing on their cell phone or otherwise negligent. But there are other occasions where you may be involved in an accident and other persons or entities may be ripe to sue.

For example, if you are injured because your motorcycle slipped on debris-laden or uneven roads, the owner of that road is subject to liability. This could be a municipality or a private person or company. If this was in or near a construction area, the contractor is also subject to liability.
Suddenly, there are multiple “pockets” from which to collect, something that could prove fruitful for the injured rider’s bank account.

What if you are injured because there was a defect to your motorcycle of which you were unaware?
Now, you are able to sue the manufacturer of the bike (because it was not built properly), the seller of the vehicle (because they sold you a defective product) and any person or company that performed maintenance on it (because their maintenance was substandard).

It is important to find as many possible defendants as possible for multiple reasons:

  • The more defendants, the more opportunities to be made whole;
  • The more defendants, the more likely each will want to contribute toward a settlement, this reducing the time it will take to resolve your case;
  • The more defendants, the less you have to worry about not being able to prove liability against one and having no one left to sue.

It is likely that lawyers for the defendants will try to pin as much blame as possible on the operator of the motorcycle. They will try to show that you drove recklessly, you exceeded the speed limit, you decided to traverse an unclean road, etc.

This is why your Alaska Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is also important—to be able to prove that you acted reasonably under the circumstances and, as such, no liability should attach to you.

Clearly, there is a lot to know and the lay person will not likely know enough to prevent harming their own case. For these reasons, retain the lawyer—it will be worth it in the end.

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