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Prosecuting Your Personal Injury Claim in Wasilla

Injury Claim in Wasilla

If you are injured, there are thousands of attorneys who will take your case. But you are shopping for the best lawyer. Below is a description of some methods for doing so.

First, as personal injury lawyers can represent both plaintiffs and defendants, you want someone experienced as a “plaintiff’s lawyer.” In other words, the Best Personal Injury Lawyers for your accident case in Wasilla will be the one who, on your behalf, sues the party that harmed you. Personal referrals and online searches are the most common way to find one.

Second, narrow down the list of candidates. Do this by finding as much information as you can about the attorney and/or law firm online, such as years of experience, past decisions and settlements, trial association affiliations. If you have a relationship with an attorney who practices in another area, ask if he or she knows the attorney you are researching.

Third, once your list is narrowed down to a few candidates, ask for a consultation. Other than in rare circumstances, a plaintiff’s lawyer will not charge for this meeting. While there, consider how he presents himself and whether he would be effective in front of a judge, jury and other attorneys. Does she make you feel comfortable? Do you believe this attorney will be responsive to any questions or input you might have during the process of your case?

Fourth, money matters. Although not required, the vast majority of plaintiff’s personal injury cases are done on a “contingency fee” basis. That is, the attorney gets paid a percentage of any monies you recover. If you get nothing, they get nothing. Along these lines, you should also find out what costs will be deducted from any amount you recover in addition to this contingency fee. Witness fees, expert fees, copying, postage, court fees and others may reduce your ultimate award, something that you must be made aware of ahead of time.

Fifth, you must sign an engagement agreement. Indeed, the Best Personal Injury Lawyers will want to have a clearly defined agreement detailing the duties and responsibilities of lawyer and client, all monetary matters and other material matters between the two.

Even after you sign that retainer agreement, if the attorney is not performing as you expected, you can always fire him or her and retain somebody new, with the costs and expenses they incurred usually required to be reimbursed.

There is a lot to do and know, and, as such, it is crucial to reach out to the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Wasilla for advice as soon as possible. From insurance paperwork to medical treatment to obtaining records to gathering evidence to the discovery process to depositions to trial and beyond, there are rules that these attorneys will know. It will take some work, but finding the best personal injury attorney is a must to maximize your chances at recovery.

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