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Lost Wages as Damages

Lost Wages as Damages

After being involved in a vehicle accident it is possible to suffer losses other than those related to physical injury and property damage. This article will discuss lost wages that are incurred as part of a car accident claim.

According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute [Damages | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (cornell.edu)] the term damages is defined as “the sum of money the law imposes for a breach of some duty or violation of some right". An individual who files a personal injury claim against the driver who caused an accident is entitled to receive compensation for any lost wages that came about as a result of the car accident. Contact a car accident lawyer group [https://www.crowsonlaw-wasilla.com/auto-accident-lawyer/] for legal advice and representation in respect of your personal injury claim and any losses that ensued from the accident.

When people think of claims that must be made in respect of a car accident it is often linked to physical injury such as a dislocated shoulder on its own. However, if you think beyond the fact, such a dislocated shoulder may have an impact on an individual being able to do their work. As a result, the injured individual has the right to recover the wages that he failed to receive due to the dislocated shoulder and his/her failure to attend and carry out work.

If the individual was unable to go to work for three months, then he or she is entitled to receive compensation that is equal to what they would normally be paid during that three months. Other injuries and aspects of injuries such as trauma, disability or debilitating injuries make up grounds for lost wages in your personal injury claim; however, the aspect of how severe they are is an important element in receiving compensation.

Another key aspect to take into consideration is vacation time that is taken in order for the individual to recover from injuries associated with the accident. That vacation time is a form of lost wages as it is not made up for after the person recovers and goes back to work. Therefore, an individual is able to receive compensation for vacation time used in order to recover from their injuries as part of lost wages.

In as much as it is easy to say that an individual has the right to receive compensation for any lost wages linked to an injury suffered as a result of a car accident it is of the utmost importance to provide appropriate proof of these wages. In respect of an employee sufficient proof would be the provision of pay stubs for previous months showcasing how much the individual earned on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, in the case of an entrepreneur or a person who runs their own business such proof may be a bit harder to come by. However, if they have been in business for more than a year they may provide income statements for the previous year in respect of the month they were unable to work. This may be sufficient or they may be asked to provide more than one year of previous income statements to determine a more accurate amount of their income. 

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