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Vehicle Repair Damage Tips

After a car accident it is important to work at finding the best and most trustworthy estimate with regards to vehicle repairs. This is basically the first step you take to getting your vehicle repaired and back in good working order and ready for the road. This article will discuss some tips you can use in order to get good quality estimates for your damaged vehicle after an accident and what to take note of when dealing with insurance companies.

It is important to note that while many vehicle accidents results in injury of the vehicle occupants most accidents include property damage. For legal advice on how to proceed in your personal injury case speak to an Alaska accident attorney [] today. There are three main tips that must be taken into consideration and used in order to get the best estimate for your vehicle damage. These are:

  1. Quality over ease – after being involved in a car accident it is important to search out vehicle repair damage estimates from places that you would actually take your car to have work done. It is important to ensure that the repair shop you want to use is qualified and have a work ethic[Meaning of Professionalism and Work Ethic (] of thoroughness when it comes to finding and assessing damage. In addition, ensure that the quoted estimates that they provide are a sufficient amount to repair the vehicle to its highest standards. Getting the easiest estimate, for example, taking your car around the corner to the gas station, you are likely to find that the quoted amount will be insufficient to cover the repairs that you will end up doing at a quality, reputable repair shop.
  2. Don’t fall for the insurance company’s delay tactics – it is not uncommon for insurance companies to create delays by way of inspections and estimates that are unnecessary. If the insurance company fails to inspect the property within a period of about a week after the accident, this is ample time for them to have done so. If you have already been able to obtain two independent estimates that are written out, you have no reason to delay getting your property repaired if you can do so out of your own pocket. The key here is to have the repairs done and demand that the insurance company reimburses you. However, if you choose to have the repairs done at the shop that gave you the highest estimate, it is highly likely the insurance company will provide reimbursement for the lowest estimate.
  3. Low estimates – be very weary when the other party’s adjustor informs you that they have a repair shop that can fix your vehicle at a much lower price than the estimates you have received. Often insurance companies make deals with local repair shops for cheap pricing in exchange for referrals. However, this does not guarantee that the work they do is thorough and of good quality. Always have your inspection and estimates done by an independent repair shop. You as the car owner choose which repair shop to use no matter how much settlement you receive. 



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