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Safety Tips to Avoid Car accidents

Safety Tips to Avoid Car…

The truth is car accidents can happen even when you’ve done everything to avoid them. Unfortunately, car accidents get most motorists by surprise and when they happen, you might be left with a damaged car and bodily injuries. Fortunately, an accident attorney in Alaska can help you.

Your insurance premium could as well increase because insurance companies will consider you a high-risk client–particularly if you’re at fault. Safe driving will help keep your premium in check and ensure you and your passengers are safe. So, what are the common types of auto accidents and ways of avoiding them?

Common Types of Auto Accidents and How to Avoid Them

  1. Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end collisions form the bulk of auto insurance claims. Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are avoidable through:

  • Keeping a safe distance. 
  • Driving strategically;
  • Avoid distracted driving;
  • Exercise road courtesy;
  • Avoid driving under the influence.
  1. Parked Car Collisions

Many car accidents are blamed on parked vehicles–in parking lots but these accidents can be avoided by:

  • Parking your car at the furthest end of the parking lot to reduce the chances of collisions;
  • Park your car in the center of the parking slot; avoid parking too close to the next car;
  • Park your car in low-traffic places;
  • Avoid parking inbusy intersections, turns, or driveways to increase visibility.
  1. Single-Car Collisions

Single-car accidents involve collisions with erected barriers, debris, or animals. Determining liability in single-car accidents can be tricky but an accident attorney in Alaska can help.
 Single-car accidents can be avoided by:

  • Considering the weather;
  • Being familiar with the road;
  • Being keen;
  • Avoiding overspeeding.
  1. Windshield Damage

These types of accidents result from flying rocks, debris, or stones coming from other cars. Windshield damage can be prevented by:

  • Keeping a safe distance, particularly when driving behind trucks;
  • Drive slowly in damaged sections of a road.
  1. Intersections Accidents

Car accidents arguably occur in intersections due to various reasons, such as missing changing traffic signals or being inattentive when making turns. Intersection accidents can be avoided by:

  • Driving keenly;
  • Giving way;
  • Obeying traffic signs;
  • Be cautious when approaching intersections.
  1. Backing Collisions

These accidents occur when a driver reverses from a parking slot into a busy road. Backing accidents can be avoided by parking your car in such a way that you won’t need to reverse when getting out of the parking area.  If you must reverse, ensure your vehicle is fitted with a camera. Other solutions can be:

  • Assess the traffic situation before reversing;
  • Ask anyone around the scene to help check the traffic as you reverse;
  • Reverse in a straight line;
  • Use the driver’s mirrors;
  1. Road Rage Accidents

I’m sure you’ve ever been annoyed by another motorist. An annoying motorist, particularly in tailgating and reckless overtaking cases, can make you lose your mind fast and seek revenge. Unfortunately, you can cause a serious accident when rage takes over. Road rage accidents can be avoided by ignoring the annoying driver and assuming you’re the only sober driver on the road.

There are many types of auto accidents besides the ones stated above. Safe driving, being keen, and courtesy can help reduce car accidents and fatalities.

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