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Rear-end Accident with a Motorcycle

Rear-end Accident with a…

When an accident occurs, and a motorcycle is involved, the occupants commonly suffer severe injury and significant wounds. This is more so when the accident is with a passenger or commercial vehicle. However, when the accident is a rear-end collision, it could result in the motorcyclist's death as they are jerked off the motorcycle and could fly off in any direction landing on anything. This article will discuss rear-end accidents occurring with motorcyclists and the compensation claims for their injuries.

When an accident occurs that results in a motorcycle being struck or hit from behind, the person driving the bike is either to be injured or die from the impact of being thrown off the bike. Some injuries that can be sustained as a result of a rear-end accident with a motorcyclist include the following:

  • Road rash caused by sliding on the pavement or cement
  • Neck and head injuries
  • Damage to the bikers back
  • Brain trauma as a result of the forceful movements to the head

The biker is not wearing protective gear such as a helmet, knee or elbow pads this could result in severe injuries or death. Death often results from the motorcyclist being thrown from his or her seat and crashing into something that can kill him or her.

Two of the most common and severe injuries sustained from rear-end accidents are head trauma and damage to the back. Head trauma is caused by the forceful movement made by the head during the collision. The trauma could result in whiplash [Whiplash - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic], concussions and brain damage. The force caused by an accident is so severe that the person flies from the motorcycle and could crash into something that could cause severe wounding to the brain. In instances where the motorcyclist survives the incident, they could suffer from neurological damage or impairment. Such impairments could affect a motorcyclist for the rest of their lives. In addition to whiplash, concussions and brain damage, the injury victim may also have problems of amnesia that are temporary or permanent and memory issues related to short-term storing of memories. In other instances, the head trauma could affect the individual’s motor skills and sensory input.

Damage to the back after a rear-end accident of a motorcycle can be expensive and hard to recover from. The force that throws the motorcyclist off their bike to land on pavement or the ground could result in him or her landing on their back. Injuries to the back could lead to paralysis, severing the spinal column, or breaking various bones. If the accident results in the spine being disconnected at the wrong point, the motorcyclist will die. Generally, severe back injuries are hard to recover from, and the motorcyclist may lose their life before emergency services can respond.

In either case, severe injury or death, there is a legal provision to recover damages from the incident. Speak to an Alaska motorcycle accident lawyer for legal advice and representation to receive compensation for injuries or in case of death.

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