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Dangerous Road Designs and Accidents

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More often than not pedestrians sustain injury when the design of a road confuses the driver or when the street signs do not support pedestrian traffic and passenger vehicles at the same time. Such inefficient roads can lead to a lawsuit against the designer, the city or other parties involved in the creation of the chaotic incident. This article will discuss dangerous road designs that cause driver and pedestrian accidents.

There are a number of issues that can make a road dangerous due to its design. Some of these include the following:

  • Confusing roads- there are a number of cities across the countries that have roads that are confusing to travelers to navigate unless they live in the area. Such roads could lead to dead ends, twists and turns and locations that lead back into the same locations as before. When congestion or high speed is added into the mix, it is highly likely that pedestrians will suffer injury or death. Such confusing roads may lead to a lawsuit against the city or the person that designed the road initially. Therefore, it is important to know who is responsible for the resulting damage.
  • Hard to understand road signs - the road design also suffers additional damage due to hard to understand and difficult to read road signs. Such signage confuses the driver or could cause an accident. Signs that are unique to the area often either confuse the driver or distract him or her when attempting to understand what the images are trying to depict. Some road signs that are hard to understand can increase the possibility of running into pedestrians trying to cross the road or walking on the side of the road. One article notes that these pedestrian accidents are more frequent in combination with hard to read signs and the less easy to navigate road designs.
  • Road construction - when a driver is not a frequent traveler on various roads, adding in road construction to an already confusing road design can lead to both an accident and injury to all around the area. This may include the road construction employees and the pedestrians in the location. In most cases where there is road construction roads are uneven or may have dips or inclines that can cause a vehicle to swerve. When an accident results in severe injury or death of a pedestrian it is important to determine who is at fault.
  • Uneven roads - when speaking on dangerous road designs it often means more than just the way a road moves on a certain path. Some road designs are dangerous because they make the road uneven either in a two-lane section or throughout the entire road on both sides. Trying to overtake another vehicle could become an ordeal when trying to get back onto the right side of the road. Other situations may cause a driver to lose control and hit a pedestrian in the near area.

When dangerous road designs and poor signage result in an accident with pedestrians, the driver may need to hire an accident attorney Alaska to sue the city or designer of the road.

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