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Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

Damages in a Motorcycle A…

After any accident it is common for a victim to seek damages. The same is true when it comes to motorcycle accidents. To recover damages the victim must succeed in their litigation claim against the other driver when an accident caused property damage or physical injury. This article will discuss types of damages to seek in a motorcycle accident.

When a motorcycle is involved in an accident it is important for the victim to hire an attorney to pursue damages if the incident was serious enough. Property damage and injury are the primary reasons to seek legal recourse in an accident. Due to the fact that passenger or commercial vehicles are larger and heavier than a motorcycle, the accident usually results in extensive or complete damage to the motorbike as well as serious or grave injuries to the motorcyclist. Without compensation bills and future recovery can be financially crippling for the victim.

In any accident the victim has an option to seek a number of damages based on what happened in the accident. Damages could lead to medical bills being repaid to the person or an insurance company. It could result in therapy for future recovery and medication. In the event that the person cannot work for some time he or she may be able to recover a portion of lost wages. Property damage compensation is also available for the destruction or damage to the motorcycle. Where pain and suffering is an issue the victim may receive a percentage calculated by legal experts depending on how extensive the injuries and suffering involved are.

Medical treatment

If the motorcyclist was injured during the accident, he or she may require extensive surgery, therapy for bones and muscles, and future medical assistance in order to provide a better recovery. If the victim suffers from neck, back or head injuries this could result in amnesia, paralysis and impairment to motor skills or cognitive processes. As a result, there is a heightened need to seek compensation for medical treatment in order to 'become whole' after the accident. The victim cannot fully recover from injuries without monetary assistance when they lack the insurance policy to provide the best chances of moving on from the incident.

Loss of wages

During the recovery process it is more likely than not that the victim is unable to go to work. They may require time in the hospital for physical therapy or surgery. During this period, they may have no other coverage to provide for the loss of wages; in some instances, the person may lose their job. The damages through wage loss provide relief for the individual for them to recover a portion of what they would have earned in an average week.

Property damage

Personal property damage in auto accident is not uncommon and can result in the motorcycle being damaged or destroyed. The motorcyclist may seek compensation to repair or replace the vehicle. It is possible for the insurance company to pay for the repairs or replacement when the plaintiff wins the case.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering generally includes emotional and psychological harm from the incident. Damages calculations are based on various factors.

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