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Attorneys for your Personal Injury Claims

Injury Claims

Doctors are sometimes known as “general practitioners.” They can handle the basics, but they will then refer you to specialists for things they are not experienced with. The same should work in the legal field. If you need a contract drafted, you should retain a commercial attorney. If you are selling or purchasing a house, you need a real estate attorney. And if you are injured due to some else’s negligence, you need Accident And Personal Injury Lawyers.

Only an attorney with experience drafting agreements are competent to draft such an agreement that will protect her client. Likewise, only experienced Accident And Personal Injury Lawyers are competent to prosecute a personal injury claim in such a way that the injured party is likely to see the highest level of award. Indeed, a contract attorney is not likely to know how to properly word a complaint, the time deadlines by when it must be filed, how to properly serve the complaint, how to correctly serve and answer discovery demands, how to properly ask questions and defend her client at deposition and how to conduct a trial.

And when the adversarial attorney figures out that the inexperienced attorney does not know what she is doing, the chances at settlement are significantly reduced.

There are many attorneys that advertise themselves as a “jack-of-all-trades.” So how do you know whether or not they are able to properly handle your case?

In this day and age, the answers are relatively easy to find. First, attorney websites often list the areas of law in which they practice. Second, a simple online search of the attorney’s name may reveal whether or not he has prosecuted personal injury claims and whether or not any went to trial and what the success rate was. Further, if you are in Wasilla, you can probably find people who have used this attorney previously and ask (i) what the are of law was and (ii) how the attorney was. There is simply a lot of information available to a prospective client to learn what the qualifications and experience of an attorney are.

Of course, if you have used an attorney for, let’s say, a real estate matter, it is likely that she has accident and personal injury lawyers to recommend to you. There is no reason an attorney you have used—and trusted—would refer you to someone he believes would not do a good job.

So stay away from the “general practitioner” when it comes to your legal matters. Instead, find lawyers skilled and experienced to bring you the best result for your personal injury matter.

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