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Car Accident Injuries: Nerve Damage

Car Accident Injuries: Ne…

There are many instances where a car accident results in minor injuries, however, some result in very serious injuries such as nerve damage. Such injuries can result in serious consequences to the affected individual. By filing a personal injury claim the victim can be able to recover the expenses associated with the injury especially in terms of medical expenses and lost wages. This article will discuss the various forms of nerve damage that can result from a car accident.

Nerve damage is considered to be a serious injury because nerves serve important roles in the human body. Nerve damage is often the results of the nerve feeling pressure, being stretched or cut. When nerves are damaged the consequences can be quite severe, at times nerve damage results in victims suffering debilitating consequences which may be permanent and may prevent victims from being able to work. If you have suffered any form of nerve damage after a car accident you may be able to file a car accident claim for compensation by way of an auto injury accident lawyer .

There are a number of different types of nerve damage that can emerge after being involved in a car accident. Each type of nerve damage has its own series of symptoms and potential treatment options. One of the most common forms of nerve damage as a result of whiplash. Whiplash [https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/whiplash/symptoms-causes/syc-20378921] is a common car accident injury that is caused by the violent movement of the head and neck jerking during an accident. This can result in the nerves being stretched or pinched.

Another common type of nerve damage happens because of lacerations. Lacerations are deep cuts in the skin as a result they can cut deep enough to reach the nerves and severe them in the affected area in the body. Blunt force trauma can also cause nerve damage. This can happen during a car accident when the victim hits their head, arms, legs or other body parts on a hard surface. The victim can compress their nerves.

Nerve damage treatment is dependent upon the cause of the damage and the severity of the injury. Some injuries can be treated by using physical therapy or mediation while others might require intensive surgery. In order to correctly diagnose the type of nerve damage a trained medical professional needs to be consulted to provide an opinion about the recommended treatment option.

Individuals suffering from nerve damage often suffer from some or all of the following symptoms:

  • A prickling sensation
  • Skin or limbs that feel like they are numb or tingling
  • Weakness or pain in the muscles
  • Full or partial paralysis of arms, legs, fingers or toes
  • Twitching or other uncontrolled muscle movements
  • Greater sensitivity of the skin when in contact with colder or warmer temperature

It must be noted that nerve damage can result in substantial medical bills. Additionally, it can impact a person’s ability to earn a living. Victims may take years to fully recover from their injuries through treatment and rehabilitation while in some cases they may never fully recover to their former level.

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