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Property Damage

People generally understand that those who are injured as a result of a personal injury claim are entitled to monies to repay medical bills, make up for lost wages, compensate for pain and suffering, etc. However, in addition to the above, the victim of an automobile accident may have a claim for Personal Property Damage In Auto Accident. This is often neglected because the value may be less than the value of the injuries, but it still could range in the tens of thousands of dollars and, as a result, your attorney should prosecute this aspect of your claims just as forcefully.

Further, even when a person is not physically injured in a car accident, he or she may nonetheless be entitled to recovery for damage to the vehicle, as long as the incident was not the victim’s fault. Although this can often be done over the phone with an insurance adjuster, the lack of an attorney brings with it certain important risks.

When it comes to Personal Property Damage In Auto Accident, all insurance companies will require the signing of a “release” before any payments are issued. Once you sign this document, you are forever barred from seeking money for property damage in the future. For this reason, a complete investigation of any potential damage is wise, and something an attorney will make sure you do.

Important to be aware of is that an insurance company—even your own—is a business looking to make money rather than help you. The first offer they make to pay for your property damage is likely to be undervalued. It is therefore recommended not to take it. A competent personal injury attorney will know how to increase the value of such a claim for personal property damage in auto accident.

Also keep in mind that property damage claims are not limited to your car itself. If you have valuables inside that are damaged or destroyed, these may give rise to valid claims, too.

So how do you prove the value of your property damage losses? Documents, documents, documents. Repair bills, receipts, invoices and other documentation will be needed to prove what your losses are worth. Even if your car is totaled and you recently spent monies on repairs, you may be entitled to compensation in the amount of these recent repairs.

Clearly there is a lot to know when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. This is why, as a lay person, you may not file as comprehensive a claim as you may be entitled to. As such, it is important to retain a lawyer to prosecute all aspects of your claim, including for property damage.

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