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Handling the Devastation of a Plane Accident

Plane Accident

Although car accidents and slip-and-fall incidents often cause injuries, the majority of them are not severe. When it comes to plane crashes, the chance of fatalities is greatly increased. If you or a loved one is the victim of an aircraft accident, there are ways to recover compensation for these injuries.

The negative of a Plane Accident in Wasilla is the severity of injury. The positive are the methods and extent of financial recovery. This is primarily because of two factors—(i) the severity of the injuries and (ii) the amount of defendants from which to collect.

In an auto accident case, the only defendant is typically the other driver, because the cause of the accident is obvious—the other driver failed to act properly. In an airplane crash, however, there are many possible causes of the accident, and until the National Transportation Safety Board issues its report—which could take years—there is no way to know the actual cause. For this reason, an attorney representing a plane crash victim (or representative of a deceased’s estate) will usually sue (i) the individual pilots, (ii) the owner of the aircraft, (iii) the company that was charged with maintaining the aircraft, (iv) the manufacturer of the aircraft, (v) the airline, (vi) the airport owner and operator, and more.

After all, it could have been pilot error, negligence on the owner for allowing a plane with known problems to fly, improper aircraft maintenance, a manufacturing defect, the airline hiring unqualified workers, a problem at the airport, or myriad other reasons that the crash occurred.

Each of these parties is likely to be insured and have policies with high limits. A protracted lawsuit could bring bad press to any of these defendants, hurting their business. As such, these companies are often willing to resolve any claims early on in the process. And let’s face it—a million dollar payout to a victim or its family is financially smart when the company stands to lose billions in business with lots of negative press.

So although you have either been severely injured or lost a loved one due to some party’s negligence, and this can never be undone, there is the likelihood that you and your family can receive significant financial compensation for these losses.

It is vital, however, to consult an attorney to pursue any claims related to the plane accident. The legal process is complex and has many rules. Specifically, there are time limits within which you must take action. Whether it be a suit for your own personal injuries or a claim for wrongful death, you generally have two years. Miss that deadline and you may not be able to recover anything. There are also specific processes and formats that must be used to prosecute your claims. As such, to make sure you receive the best chance at the maximum payout you deserve, be sure to utilize the services of an attorney in or around Wasilla.

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