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Attorneys in Alaska for your Airplane Accident

Airplane Accident

“Airplane” is a classic comedy. There is nothing funny about airplane accidents, however. In light of the likely serious injuries you will sustain in a Plane Accident In Wasilla, it is important to retain competent attorneys who will be able to prosecute any claims arising as a result thereof.

Let’s face it—a Plane Accident In Wasilla or anywhere else is likely to cause death. As a result, the attorneys you retain should be well-versed in wrongful death claims. In such a case, family members and dependents of the person who passes away are able to bring claims in court seeking compensation for damages suffered as a result of the plane crash. These claims may include (i) loss of compensation, (ii) pain and suffering, (iii) loss of services, (iv) loss of consortium, (v) payment for medical bills, (vi) funeral costs, and more. Any monies that are recovered will go to the decedent’s estate to be distributed among those entitled to receive monies.

Plane accident cases are often a little trickier than car accidents, slip-and-falls and the more common personal injury claims. For example, even though you still have the same two-year statute of limitations—or deadline—from the date of the incident to bring your claims, the actual causes of the incident are often not determined by the relevant investigative authorities until well after that. Indeed, sometimes, the National Transportation Safety Board may not reach a real conclusion.

For this reason, an attorney representing you in your case arising out of a plane accident is likely going to sue anyone who even might have been responsible. These may include the pilot, airport staff (such as traffic controllers), maintenance crews (for failing to properly maintain the craft or properly fuel the plane), manufacturers of the plane or parts thereof, others who violate FAA regulations, and more.

The positive to all these defendants is that there are many “pockets” from which to collect, and most of them will want to pool monies together to settle the claim rather than run the risk of a large verdict and business-reducing press at trial.

The negative to multiple defendants is that they will all point blame at each other, which is likely to drag out the case for a long period of time and require that discovery takes place before any resolution is available.

The above are factors that apply to major airlines flying throughout the world as well as small plane companies that provide short charters around Alaska. No matter what, airplanes are convenient and fast, but are also dangerous. Although it is true that less people suffer fatalities on planes than in cars or trains, the likelihood of death in any plane crash is much higher.

The above reasons evidence the need to retain a competent and experienced personal injury attorney to recover monies related to any plane crash. In fact, since many of the same considerations apply to plane crashes and other personal injury matters, such as car accidents and slip-and-falls, it is important to hire an attorney for any such incident.

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