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Crowson Law Group is a law firm that focuses exclusively on personal injury law. The firm’s sole purpose and mission is on representing its clients. Other firms choose to diversify across different areas of law, but at Crowson Law Group, we believe that if we want to be the best personal injury attorneys in Alaska, all of our resources must be focused on a singular purpose. For us, this purpose is getting compensation and benefits on behalf of our clients, personal injury victims.

Crowson Law Group is a law firm founded on the ethics, willpower and hard work of attorney James Crowson.

With a legal career foundation of defending insurance companies and healthcare providers against negligence claims, James found himself conflicted between his job duties and his feelings of compassion for individuals in need of receiving their well-deserved compensation and benefits. Instead of defending corporate giants, he yearned to fight ‘tooth and nail’ for individuals who were in need of compensation so as to support their families at the time of injury or loss.

His earlier legal career gave him the advantage, foundation and strategic edge to take on these insurance companies and healthcare providers and to defend the interests of the ‘little guy’. James’ passion for helping individuals get compensation and benefits led to his founding Crowson Law Group in Anchorage.

Crowson Law Group in Anchorage is nothing short of a success story. However, over time James learned about more people in need of representation beyond the Anchorage area and opened a Crowson Law Group Office in Wasilla.

Our focus as a firm is not on the numbers; it is on you as an individual. You, as our client, are our sole priority because your case is the most important case there is. And as such, our attorneys devote all the necessary time and attention to your individual case.

Today, James and his team of like-minded, dedicated and experienced attorneys actively work to seek justice on behalf of personal injury victims. Our success is your success and that is why we strive to be the best personal injury lawyers in Alaska.

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