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Don’t Just Retain an Attorney—Retain the Best


There are many personal injury attorneys in Alaska—some good, some not. Some have built a reputation on one or two big wins. Some have faked their way to a reputation through television, radio and internet advertising. If you are hurt due to the negligence of another person, you want The Best Personal Injury Lawyers to handle your case. Below are some of the factors you should consider in finding such an attorney.

Honesty is the best policy. While this is true, it often does not sell, especially for an attorney. This is why many attorneys will hear that you scraped a knee after tripping over a curb and promise you a million-dollar payout.The Best Personal Injury Lawyers will do the opposite. They will explain to you that it is impossible to evaluate your case before they have more facts. They will help you understand the value of the case, or lack thereof, and provide you with realistic expectations. They will describe the process of how your case will be handled, the approximate amount of time you can expect to wait until resolution and what steps you will have to prepare for.

Quality attorneys leave nothing to chance. For this reason, they will have you sign a retainer agreement which will specifically detail the responsibilities of the attorney, the responsibilities of the client and how any award will be divided between attorney and client. These attorneys will answer any questions you have about the retainer agreement.

During the prosecution of the case, the best attorneys will be responsive to questions and comments you may have. They will return emails and calls, or at least have someone respond to let you know why they cannot (perhaps they are on trial or on vacation). Quality attorneys will prepare you in advance for your depositions and trial and any other action you must take in connection with your case, and they will let you know the status periodically.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers understand that the client is the ultimate decision-maker. As a result, if there is a settlement offer made by the defendant, the attorney will explain the positives and negatives of accepting or rejecting such an offer, never letting the attorney’s own self-interests get in the way.

When it comes time for trial (something that actually happens very rarely, as more than 95% of cases settle), top attorneys have all the facts and a coherent strategy that can be presented to a judge or jury to give the client the best chance at receiving a maximum verdict.

Finally, the best attorneys have a positive reputation within the courts, with clients and with other attorneys, including the ones they are up against in your case.

If you are hurt due to someone else’s action or inaction, your primary responsibility should be to get healthy. Let the attorneys do the legal leg work and make that part as easy as possible for you. It is the best attorneys that will get this done for you.

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